Things to Bring

More or less the same as any roleplaying game: Basically nothing, I’ll have all the essentials on me (and you can peel them off as needed), but it never hurts to have your own adventurer’s kit. For those not accustomed to our usual way of doing things, the recommended contents are listed below, from most to least important:

Scribbly Wossnames

Note paper and pencils and such. There’s a lot of stuff to recall in this campaign and I won’t be signposting all the key bits for your convenience (because then what would be the point?). This site should help you to process everything you’ve recorded, but in the middle of a session you’ll need something quicker and less intrusive (see Laptops, below).

You may even want to buy yourself a small notebook, as a long-term character journal. Much safer and more reliable than bits of loose paper. One of those little A6 ones would probably fit inside your dicebag.


WFRP2 uses d10s exclusively, either singly or as d100 pairs.

Face Consumables

We can debate who should be bringing food and drink, and who’s excused. But if you do bring stuff, it probably won’t go to waste. Two important rules: Clean your crap up after you’re done and don’t mess my books.


Empire militia free company models, as made available for human PCs
We don’t do very strict boardgame-style combat, but it is often useful to have a visual representation of fights and other very dynamic physical scenes. And, by happy non-coincidence, Warhammer is brimming with potential figures. Should you so wish, feel free to bring any standard-sized model to represent your character. Lego also works well.

Amusing hats

Everyone loves them, so why not?

Things to Bring

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