Ruler: Tzarina Katarin the Ice Queen
Census Population: 51,220

Kislev is a country located to the North-East of the Empire and is separated from the Chaos Wastes to the north by the Troll Country. It is the most northerly civilised nation in the Old World. Its current ruler is the Tzarina Katarin the Ice Queen.

The Empire borders to the South and West, the Sea of Claws to the West, Troll Country to the North and the World’s Edge Mountains to the North-East and East. Although its southern boundary is drawn at the river Urskoy (a tributary of the Talabec), its northern border is much less well defined. Many take it to be the river Lynsk, although some tribes live North of this.

The North of the country is barely distinguishable from the Troll Country and the tundra, although more wooded to the east in the foothills of the mountains. It is always cold and the land is infertile, and most who live there are nomads, moving from one grazing ground to another.

The further South you go, the more hospitable the land gets, though there is still a chill all year round. There is generally a shortage of carved stone so most buildings use uncarved stone or wood, although this is not true for the palaces. They are built with gold in onion-shaped domes and towers. Due to the unforgiving landscape, there are only three cities, Erengrad, Praag, and the capital Kislev.


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