Handout 2

Documents found on the body of one Kastor Lieberung on the Altdorf-Middenheim road, along with a detailed drawing of Lieberung, who looks distinctly like Otter with a beard.

Investigation confirmed that the lawyers’ letter was not a real Lock, Stöck and Barl document, but that it had been forged on a letterhead printed by the Schulz and Friedman Printers.

Lawyers’ Letter

Messrs. Lock, Stöck, & Barl
Civil Lawyers, Commissioners for Oaths, etc.
Garten Weg
Dear Herr Lieberung,
After many lengthy researches, we have come to believe that you are the only living relative of one Baronet Lieberung, late of the town of Ubersreik. This being the case, and any other, heretofore unknown and pertinent factors notwithstanding, I am herewith charged to inform you that you are the sole benficiary of the Baronet’s last will and testament (hereinafter referred to as the document of the first party).
I, the undersigned, acting in my capacity as legal executor of the aforementioned document of the first party, do therefore urge you to make your way with all speed to my offices in the fair town of Bögenhafen. Thereupon, providing you can produce an affidavit of your identity as Kastor Aloysius Lieberung, signed by two witnesses, we shall be pleased to hand over the title deeds to the Baronet’s manor house, together with its contents (which include a most tastefully stocked wine cellar), its extensive estates and the sum of twenty thousand gold crowns.
I remain, your most humble and respectful servant,
Dietrich Barl, K.C., LL.B. (Alt)
Signed this day, the 10th of Nachexen, in the two thousandth, five hundred and eleventh year of the Empire.
Printed by Schulz & Friedman, Bögenhafen


We the undersigned, do solemly swear that the bearer of this document is one Kastor Lieberung
Ingrid Zitherman
Priestess of Sigmar
Oskar Helmut
Guild Master of the Merchants Guild

Handout 2

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