High Elf ArchmageThe Elves are one of the many creations of the Old Ones. Compared to Humans, Elves are tall, fair, and slender. They are almost physically flawless and rarely succumb to disease or mutation and can live for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Establishing a highly developed civilization and reaching their height of power, they explored the seas and shores and established several colonies, most of them in the Old World.

Eventually the High Elf civilization was engulfed in a great civil war which still rages on. The Elves are divided into three nations, distinct in culture and attitude.

  • The loyalist side of the civil war kept their identity as High Elves.
  • The merciless Dark Elves are their sworn enemies.
  • The Wood Elves are descendants of High Elf colonists who refused to abandon the Old World as the High Elves retreated to Ulthuan. They declared their own independence and their descendants live currently in the Forest of Loren. Wood Elf Wardancer, by Taidaishar
  • Additionally, the merchant sailors of Ulthuan and its colonies, while technically also High Elves, have developed a sub-culture of their own, and are sometimes called Sea Elves. Sea Elf culture has influenced most major sailing Human cultures, especially at Marienburg, Estalia and Tilea.

It must be pointed out that these factions are largely political and cultural divisions. Wearing proper clothing, a Dark Elf could pass as a High Elf and vice-versa.

Although initial relations between the Elves and the Dwarves were friendly and based on trade and alliance, eventually relations between the two races cooled, and were shattered by the War of the Beard. Despite the terrible cost, the Dwarves prevailed, and the High Elves left the Old World, abandoning their colonies.


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