Character Creation Rules

Fitting In

I like interesting, varied character types and backgrounds, but it obviously helps to ensure that your character concept will be able to fit into the campaign somehow. Talking to the rest of the players for their suggestions is recommended.

New Characters

Any new characters, introduced at any point, will all be created as standard starting characters, as per the core rulebook, with one slight adjustment. The Shallya‘s Mercy rule allows you to replace the normal 2d10 roll with a nice, average 11 for a single main characteristic, so that it’s at least average for your race. The book is ambiguous about when to apply this rule, but I’m going to put my foot down and say that you need to designate a Shallyan characteristic BEFORE rolling characteristics; if you roll better than 11 on that, then it’s a wasted blessing and can’t be transferred to another stat. Decide what’s most important to your character idea and stick with that. If your second most important characteristic ends up crap, then you have an interesting handicap to overcome.

Note that all of this also applies to replacement characters if your previous one is killed or retired. There will be no free XP to maintain an artificial group balance. Death in the Old World is serious business, not to be taken lightly.

Please consult the Career Guide for ideas, bearing in mind that you start the game about halfway through your first career, so it’s just as much about who you were as who you’ll become, and an apparently “crap” starting career, in terms of stats alone, can give your character background more depth.

Character Names

We have extensive random name tables to roll on, but you’re not restricted to these. Dwarf, Elf and Halfling names tend to sound like the kind Tolkien used, though the Halflings have a more Germanic twist to their names. Humans in the Empire have totally German names, and Humans from other parts of the Old World have other appropriately pseudo-European names, as indicated in the Language guide (look under the column, “Modelled On”).

Soft Stats and Background

Feel free to add as much depth to your background as you please. There are some standard background bits, which can be randomly rolled from pages 24 and 25 of the rulebook. If you don’t choose (or roll) these for yourself, I reserve the right to impose my own choices on you to fill those gaps, should they become relevant.

I’m also quite keen to roll your characters’ Doomings, for a bit more superstitious fun, from whichever expansion book has that. Please remind me to do this for your character.

The 10 Questions

To help you flesh out your character’s personality, these 10 questions are good for getting you from a vague idea to some specific attitudes that your character would have. I encourage using this system, and we have a 9 trillion question version for those who really want to dig deep. Note that your answers to these will likely change as your character develops, so start off describing your character as ’e was just before the campaign began.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. What is your family like?
  3. What is your social class?
  4. What did you do before you became an adventurer? (Explain your childhood and/or career so far)
  5. Why did you become an adventurer?
  6. How religious are you?
  7. Who are your best friends and worst enemies?
  8. What are your prized possessions?
  9. Who are you loyal to?
  10. Who do you love/hate?

If you’re still struggling to flesh out character details, then try this expanded worksheet.

Character Creation Rules

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