Career Guide

Starting characters may only choose from the Basic Careers. Exits marked in italics are Advanced Careers.

Column ‘SS’ is approximate social status for a better sense of how characters are perceived (from an Imperial perspective), where A is nobility, B is expert professionals/academics, C is skilled tradesmen, and D is common labourers/criminals. You can, of course, still be a very low rank within your status group. For example, a 1st year student, a mid-level lecturer and a university dean are all class B academics and are all more important than any class C printer who publishes their books, but the pecking order among those three is clear. It’s a complex, often irrational system, but I thought you should at least have a rough sense of your character’s station in life.

Changing your social status after birth (i.e. initial character creation) is possible, but not easy. Moving to a higher or lower status career will only really influence how people perceive you if your actions indisputably convince them you belong in your new class. More commonly, your class will change when a noble with some authority declares it changed, for better or worse.

(Note also that, while some really dodgy careers are generally held to have a high social standing – e.g. Exalted Champion of Chaos, in class A – this doesn’t mean that people like them or approve of them, merely that it’s conceded they belong to a higher class.)

Basic Careers

Career Quick description & non-core sources Restrictions Exits SS
Agitator Political activist Charlatan, Demagogue, Outlaw, Politician, Raconteur, Rogue, Zealot D
Apothecary Potion maker (Sigmar’s Heirs, 121) Apprentice Wizard, Artisan, Astrologer, Barber-Surgeon, Grave Robber, Merchant, Physician, Scholar C
Apprentice Runesmith Dwarf magic-smith trainee Dwarves only Journeyman Runesmith, Runebearer, Scholar, Scribe, Shieldbreaker B
Apprentice Witch Kislevite arcane trainee Gospodar Kislevite females only Ice Maiden, Initiate (Ulric), Witch B
Apprentice Wizard Formal arcane trainee Humans & Elves only Apothecary, Astrologer, Journeyman Wizard, Scholar, Scribe B
Bailiff Tax collector & land manager Militiaman, Politician, Protagonist, Racketeer, Smuggler, Toll Keeper C
Barber-Surgeon Barber with basic medical skill Apothecary, Interrogator, Grave Robber, Physician, Tradesman, Vagabond C
Bear Tamer About as stupid as it sounds (Realm of the Ice Queen, 99) Entertainer, Initiate (Ursun), Pit Fighter, Soldier D
Boatman River boat sailor Fisherman, Marine, Navigator, Riverwarden, Seaman, Smuggler, Stevedore, Wrecker C
Bodyguard Hired muscle Bailiff, Bounty Hunter, Interrogator, Jailer, Mercenary, Protagonist, Racketeer D
Bone Picker Urban scavenger Camp Follower, Cat Burglar, Dung Collector, Fence, Grave Robber, Smuggler D
Bounty Hunter Freelance law-enforcer Mercenary, Protagonist, Scout, Targeteer, Vampire Hunter, Verenan Investigator C
Burgher Average, middle-class townsfolk Agitator, Fence, Horse Coper, Innkeeper, Merchant, Militiaman, Tradesman, Valet C
Camp Follower Army-supporting mobile merchant Charcoal-Burner, Charlatan, Dung Collector, Raconteur, Servant, Smuggler, Spy, Tradesman, Vagabond D
Carcacconne Shepherd
Charcoal-Burner Forest micro-industrialist Chimney Sweep, Hunter, Miner, Scout, Vagabond, Woodsman D
Chekist Kislevite special police (Realm of the Ice Queen, 99) Kislevites only Jailer, Interrogator, Mercenary, Racketeer, Sergeant, Soldier, Spy, Veteran, Watchman C
Chimney Sweep Sooty street starfish (Forges of Nuln, 12) Cat Burglar, Mercenary, Militiaman, Protagonist, Rat Catcher D
Coachman Long-distance coach driver Ferryman, Highwayman, Outlaw, Roadwarden, Scout, Smuggler, Toll Keeper C
Drover Livestock relocator (Realm of the Ice Queen, 100) Highwayman, Horse Coper, Horse Master, Messenger, Outlaw, Outrider, Roadwarden, Scout C
Dung Collector Urban sanitation facilitator (Forges of Nuln, 12) Bone Picker, Grave Robber, Rat Catcher, Sewer Jack, Thug D
Entertainer Clowns, dancers, knife-throwers, etc. Bear Tamer, Cantor, Charlatan, Gambler, Minstrel, Raconteur, Rogue, Thief, Vagabond D
Envoy Merchant representative from Ulthuan Elves only Charlatan, Merchant, Rogue, Seaman, Student, Vagabond B
Estalian Diestro Expert duelist from Estalia Bodyguard, Duellist, Highwayman, Protagonist, Rogue C
Ferryman River-crossing bridge-alternative operator Boatman, Highwayman, Riverwarden, Roadwarden, Seaman, Smuggler, Wrecker C
Fieldwarden Mootland border patrol Halflings only Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Scout, Vagabond, Vampire Hunter C
Fisherman Giant weasel Marine, Merchant, Militiaman, Navigator, Seaman C
Gambler Gamer (Sigmar’s Heirs, 121) Charlatan, Demagogue, Entertainer, Highwayman, Rogue D
Grave Robber Post-death kidnapper Cat Burglar, Fence, Rat Catcher, Student, Thief D
Grave Warden
Hedgecraft Apprentice
Hedge Wizard Unofficial, untrained spellcaster Humans & Elves only Apothecary, Apprentice Wizard, Charlatan, Initiate, Outlaw, Vagabond, Witch D
Horned Hunter
Horse Coper Used mount salesman (Realm of the Ice Queen, 103) Burgher, Charlatan, Horse Master, Merchant, Rogue C
Hunter Animal shooter Bounty Hunter, Charcoal-Burner, Fieldwarden, Kithband Warrior, Miner, Scout, Soldier, Targeteer C
Initiate Formal trainee religious spellcaster (Cult specialisations: Tome of Salvation, chapter 2) Barber-Surgeon, Bear Tamer, Cantor, Cult Attendant, Demagogue, Friar, Monk, Penitent, Priest, Scribe, Temple Guardian, Verenan Investigator (if Verenan), Zealot B
Jailer Prison guard Bailliff, Bodyguard, Interrogator, Rat Catcher, Sewer Jack, Watchman D
Kislevite Kossar Soldier from Kislev Bounty Hunter, Chekist, Mercenary, Sergeant, Shieldbreaker, Streltsi, Veteran, Winged Lancer C
Kithband Warrior Forest patrol team member Elves only Hunter, Outrider, Scout, Vagabond, Veteran C
Knight Errant
Marine Sea soldier Mate, Outlaw, Riverwarden, Sergeant, Smuggler, Thug, Wrecker C
Mercenary Soldier for hire Bodyguard, Bounty Hunter, Demagogue, Fieldwarden, Gambler, Horse Master, Kislevite Kossar, Militiaman, Miner, Norse Beserker, Outrider, Pit Fighter, Soldier, Thug, Watchman C
Messenger Long-distance courier Coachman, Cult Attendant, Forger, Herald, Horse Coper, Kithband Warrior, Outrider, Roadwarden, Scout, Soldier C
Militiaman Amateur soldier Artisan, Fieldwarden, Mercenary, Messenger, Outlaw, Sergeant, Sewer Jack, Temple Guardian, Thief C
Miner Rock digger Charcoal-Burner, Chimney Sweep, Engineer, Mercenary, Scout, Shieldbreaker, Smuggler C
Newssheet Vendor
Noble Rich kid Astrologer, Ataman, Courtier, Gambler, Horse Archer, Horse Master, Pistolier, Rogue, Squire, Student, Winged Lancer A
Norse Berserker Crazy fighter from Norsca Mercenary, Pit Fighter, Seaman, Sergeant, Veteran C
Outlaw Rural criminal Demagogue, Highwayman, Horse Master, Thief, Vagabond, Veteran, Wrecker D
Outrider Army scout cavalry Coachman, Highwayman, Horse Master, Mercenary, Roadwarden, Scout, Winged Lancer C
Peasant Average person covered in shit Bone Picker, Charcoal-Burner, Chimney Sweep, Dung Collector, Fisherman, Foreman, Horse Archer, Militiaman, Outlaw, Politician, Servant, Sewer Jack, Stevedore, Tradesman, Winged Lancer, Wrecker, Zealot D
Penitent Religious self-masticator (Tome of Salvation, 114) Charlatan, Flagellant, Initiate, Vagabond D
Pilgrim On a long religious journey (Tome of Salvation, 174) Must be on an actual pilgrimage, then can enter from any career Demagogue, Friar, Initiate, Outlaw, Vagabond, Zealot C
Pit Fighter Soldier for entertainment Hunter, Mercenary, Protagonist, Troll Slayer, Veteran D
Protagonist Professional bully Chekist, Duellist, Pit Fighter, Racketeer, Thief, Thug D
Raconteur Travelling story-teller Charlatan, Courtier, Demagogue, Entertainer, Herald, Initiate, Rogue D
Rat Catcher Vermin control with Small but Vicious Dog Bone Picker, Cat Burglar, Dung Collector, Grave Robber, Jailer, Sewer Jack, Shieldbreaker, Thief D
Riverwarden Wet Roadwarden (WFRP Companion, 24) Boatman, Marine, Roadwarden, Seaman, Sergeant, Smuggler, Toll Keeper, Verenan Investigator, Wrecker C
Roadwarden Rural road patrol Highwayman, Horse Master, Messenger, Outlaw, Outrider, Riverwarden, Scout, Sergeant, Toll Keeper, Verenan Investigator C
Rogue Professional work-avoider Charlatan, Chimney Sweep, Demagogue, Entertainer, Gambler, Outlaw, Raconteur, Servant, Thief D
Runebearer Long-distance messenger Dwarves only Apprentice Runesmith, Rat Catcher, Scout, Shieldbreaker, Tomb Robber, Veteran C
Scribe Writer & translator Agitator, Apprentice Runesmith, Apprentice Wizard, Catechist, Foreman, Initiate, Monk, Navigator, Scholar C
Seaman Sea ship sailor Marine, Mate, Navigator, Raconteur, Rogue, Smuggler, Wrecker D
Servant Butler, wench, stablehand, etc. Agitator, Burgher, Camp Follower, Innkeeper, Messenger, Spy, Thief, Valet D
Sewer Jack Underground Watchman (Ashes of Middenheim, 29) Mercenary, Rat Catcher, Sergeant, Shieldbreaker, Veteran, Watchman D
Shieldbreaker Underground soldier Normally Dwarves only Pit Fighter, Runebearer, Sergeant, Sewer Jack, Smuggler, Tomb Robber, Veteran C
Slave Forced labourer of Skaven (Children of the Horned Rat, 97) Not entered voluntarily Special D
Smuggler Customs dodger Boatman, Charlatan, Fence, Ferryman, Forger, Seaman, Shieldbreaker, Thief, Wrecker D
Soldier Average professional soldier Horse Master, Mercenary, Outrider, Raconteur, Sergeant, Vagabond, Veteran, Watchman C
Squire Trainee Knight Horse Master, Knight, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Knight Panther, Noble, Outlaw, Sergeant, Templar, Veteran A
Steppes Nomad Northern Kislev roaming herder (Realm of the Ice Queen, 105) Ungol Kislevites only, must be member of krug Ataman, Horse Archer, Horse Coper, Horse Master, Kisvelite Kossar, Outlaw, Scout, Vagabond D
Stevedore Boat loader and unloader (WFRP Companion, 23) Boatman, Foreman, Marine, Merchant, Smuggler, Thief, Thug, Tradesman C
Streltsi Kislevite handgunner (Realm of the Ice Queen, 105) Kislevites only Bounty Hunter, Chekist, Mercenary, Sergeant, Veteran, Watchman, Winged Lancer C
Strigany Mystic
Student University trainee Agitator, Apothecary, Apprentice Runesmith, Apprentice Wizard, Astrologer, Barber-Surgeon, Catechist, Engineer, Envoy, Forger, Gambler, Initiate, Monk, Physician, Raconteur, Scholar B
Swamp Skimmer
Temple Guardian Religious fuzz (Tome of Salvation, 193) Initiate, Mercenary, Soldier, Squire, Watchman C
Thief Urban criminal Cat Burglar, Charlatan, Chimney Sweep, Entertainer, Fence, Gambler, Rogue, Tomb Robber, Verenan Investigator D
Thug Criminal fighter Bodyguard, Chekist, Interrogator, Mercenary, Pit Fighter, Racketeer D
Toll Keeper Rural toll collector Ferryman, Fieldwarden, Highwayman, Outlaw, Soldier, Politician, Thief C
Tomb Robber Grave goods burglar Fence, Rat Catcher, Shieldbreaker, Thief, Vampire Hunter D
Tradesman Maker of things Artisan, Engineer, Envoy, Foreman, Forger, Merchant, Militiaman, Zealot C
Troll Slayer Kamikaze Dwarves only. Only with GM’s consent Giant Slayer D
Vagabond Drifter Bone Picker, Dung Collector, Entertainer, Friar, Gambler, Penitent, Raconteur, Scout, Thief, Woodsman D
Valet Trainee Squire & horse-handler Cult Attendant, Herald, Rogue, Squire, Steward, Student C
Watchman The Fuzz Chekist, Mercenary, Racketeer, Roadwarden, Sergeant, Sewer Jack, Soldier, Streltsi, Temple Guardian, Tradesman, Verenan Investigator C
Wise Woman Two things must ye know about the Wise Woman (Realm of the Ice Queen, 107) Ungol Kislevite females only Demagogue, Hag Witch, Politician, Steppes Nomad B
Woodsman Forester Hunter, Militiaman, Outlaw, Scout, Vagabond C
Wrecker River pirate (WFRP Companion, 24) Boatman, Marine, Outlaw, Thief, Veteran D
Zealot Religious fanatic Only with GM’s consent Agitator, Catechist, Initiate, Flagellant, Friar, Outlaw, Temple Guardian D


Advanced Careers

Career Quick description & non-core sources Restrictions Exits SS
Abbot Senior relious student (Tome of Salvation, 183) High Priest, Scholar B
Agent of the Shroud
Ambassador Government representative (Realm of the Ice Queen, 98) Must be Noble & government appointed Captain, Merchant, Noble Lord, Politician A
Anointed Priest Senior religious spellcaster Abbot, Cantor, Catechist, Cult Attendant, Demagogue, Exorcist, Flagellant, High Priest, Knight of the Blazing Sun (Myrmidian only), Scholar, Warrior Priest, Witch Hunter B
Artillerist Heavy weapons specialist (WFRP Companion, 105) Artisan, Captain, Guild Master, Mercenary, Veteran B
Artisan Skilled specialist maker of things Demagogue, Engineer, Forger, Guild Master, Merchant, Militiaman B
Aspiring Champion Chaos boss trainee (Tome of Corruption, 163) At least 2 Rewards Champion of Chaos B
Assassin People-hunter Champion, Cloaked Brother, Outlaw Chief, Rogue, Sergeant, Witch Hunter C
Astrologer Star sign expert (Sigmar’s Heirs, 122) Apprentice Wizard, Charlatan, Explorer, Navigator, Scholar B
Ataman Kislevite community leader (Realm of the Ice Queen, 99) Kislevites only Politician, Priest, Noble Lord B
Badlands Ranger
Battle Pilgrim
Beastfriend Follower of Kurnous with animal partner (adapted from Apocrypha Now, 65) Elves only Initiate (Kurnous), Ghost Strider C
Border Courtier
Cantor Religious muscian (Tome of Salvation, 194) Catechist, Entertainer, Initiate, Priest, Minstrel, Zealot B
Captain Soldier big boss Agitator, Ambassador, Ataman, Explorer, Merchant, Outlaw Chief, Politician B
Cat Burglar Expert urban criminal Crime Lord, Fence, Master Thief, Racketeer, Vagabond, Verenan Investigator C
Champion Master fighter Assassin, Scout, Sergeant, Witch Hunter B
Champion of Chaos Chaos boss (Tome of Corruption, 164) At least 3 Rewards Exalted Champion of Chaos B
Chaos Knight Chaos ka-niggit (Tome of Corruption, 163) At least 1 Reward Aspiring Champion B
Chaos Warrior Chaos soldier (Tome of Corruption, 163) At least 1 mutation Chaos Knight C
Charlatan Con artist Astrologer, Cat Burglar, Demagogue, Outlaw, Penitent, Politician, Spy D
Cataclyst Chaos spellcaster boss At least 3 Rewards None in this world A
Catechist Religious teacher (Tome of Salvation, 195) Demagogue, Friar, Initiate, Scholar, Zealot B
Cloaked Brother Religious spy (Tome of Corruption, 126) Assassin, Charlatan, Crime Lord, Demagogue, Master Thief, Politician, Scout, Spy, Veteran, Witch Hunter B
Courtier Suck-up to higher Nobles Charlatan, Cloaked Brother, Duellist, Noble Lord, Politician, Steward, Spy A
Crime Lord Urban crime boss Cloaked Brother, Demagogue, Master Thief, Outlaw Chief, Politician B
Crusader Religious ka-niggit (Tome of Salvation) Captain, Judicial Champion, Explorer, Initiate, Knight of the Inner Circle, Noble Lord, Veteran A
Cult Acolyte Chaos cultist (Tome of Corruption, chapter 4) Only with GM’s consent, then can enter from any career varies, Cult Magus B
Cult Attendant Religious manager (Tome of Salvation, 194) Politician, Priest, Squire, Steward B
Cult Magus Chaos cultist boss (Tome of Corruption, chapter 4) Chaos Warrior, Maledictor B
Daemon Slayer Master kamikaze Glorious Death! B
Demagogue Expert political activist Cloaked Brother, Crime Lord, Friar, Mercenary, Outlaw Chief, Politician D
Doomweaver Average Chaos spellcaster At least 1 Reward Soulflayer B
Duellist Expert fighter Assassin, Champion, Highwayman, Rogue, Sergeant B
Engineer Builder of cannon and machinery Artillerist, Artisan, Explorer, Guild Master, Pistolier, Smuggler B
Exalted Champion of Chaos Chaos big boss (Tome of Corruption, 164) At least 4 Rewards None in this world A
Exorcist Ghost-buster (Sigmar’s Heirs, 123) Anointed Priest, Scholar, Witch Hunter B
Explorer One who boldly goes Captain, Merchant, Sea Captain, Spy B
Fence Black-market Merchant Charlatan, Crime Lord, Master Thief, Racketeer C
Flagellant Super dangerous religious fanatic Only with GM’s consent Demagogue, Interrogator, Penitent, Priest, Scourge of God, Soldier, Veteran D
Foreman Shouty Stevedore boss (WFRP Companion, 23) Demagogue, Fence, Guildmaster, Politician, Racketeer C
Forger Criminal Scribe (Sigmar’s Heirs, 123) Artisan, Charlatan, Fence, Scribe, Tradesman, Student, Scholar B
Friar Travelling religious teacher Catechist, Cloaked Brother, Demagogue, Flagellant, Monk, Priest, Scholar B
Ghost Strider Stealthy elf woodland scout Elves only Captain, Outlaw Chief, Targeteer, Vampire Hunter C
Giant Slayer Expert kamikaze Daemon Slayer C
Grail Knight
Grail Pilgrim
Grandmaster Boss of ka-niggitly order (Tome of Salvation, 209) Captain, Champion, Noble Lord, Witch Hunter A
Guild Master Commercial big boss Crime Lord, Politician, Racketeer B
Hag Mother Senior Ungol arcane spellcaster (Realm of the Ice Queen, 101) Ungol Kislevite females only none B
Hag Witch Average Ungol arcane spellcaster (Realm of the Ice Queen, 101) Ungol Kislevite females only Demagogue_, Hag Mother, Politician, Witch B
Herald Announcer & Messenger for Nobles Agitator, Courtier, Entertainer, Explorer, Politician, Squire C
High Priest Master religious spellcaster Abbot, Ambassador, Cantor, Politician, Scholar, Witch Hunter A
Highwayman Rural horse-riding highjacker Agitator, Duellist, Master Thief, Outlaw Chief, Sergeant B
Horse Archer Mounted missileer (Realm of the Ice Queen, 102) Ungol Kislevites only Captain, Horse Master, Mercenary, Scout, Steppes Nomad, Targeteer, Veteran B
Horse Master Equestrian maintenance expert (Realm of the Ice Queen, 103) Ataman, Drover, Horse Archer, Horse Coper, Merchant, Sergeant, Winged Lancer B
Ice Maiden Average Gospodar arcane spellcaster (Realm of the Ice Queen, 104) Gospodar Kislevite females only Courtier, Ice Witch, Scout, Sergeant, Veteran, Witch B
Ice Witch Senior Gospodar arcane spellcaster (Realm of the Ice Queen, 104) Gospodar Kislevite females only Ambassador, Captain B
Innkeeper Hospitality operator Burgher, Fence, Merchant, Outlaw, Smuggler C
Interrogator Really, really persuasive, despite poor speech Physician, Racketeer, Thief D
Journeyman Runesmith Average Dwarf magic-smith Master Runesmith, Scholar, Shieldbreaker B
Journeyman Wizard Average arcane spellcaster Astrologer, Charlatan, Master Wizard, Scholar B
Judicial Champion Violent legal dispute settler Assassin, Champion, Sergeant, Witch Hunter, Zealot C
Killer of the Dead
Knight Average ka-niggit Captain, Crusader, Initiate, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Knight of the Inner Circle, Knight Panther, Noble Lord, Vampire Hunter A
Knight of the Blazing Sun Ka-niggit of Myrmidia Captain, Champion, Explorer, Initiate, Knight of the Inner Circle A
Knight of the Inner Circle Senior ka-niggit Captain, Champion, Grandmaster, Noble Lord, Witch Hunter A
Knight of the Raven
Knight of the Realm
Knight of the Verdant Field
Knight Panther Mutant-hunting ka-niggit from Middenland (Tome of Corruption, 127) Captain, Champion, Knight of the Inner Circle, Veteran, Witch Hunter A
Lay Priest
Maledictor Chaos spellcaster trainee At least 1 mutation Doomweaver B
Master Thief Master urban criminal Cloaked Brother, Crime Lord, Explorer, Outlaw Chief, Targeteer C
Master Runesmith Senior Dwarf magic-smith Runelord, Scholar, Veteran B
Master Vigilant
Master Wizard Senior arcane spellcaster Astrologer, Explorer, Scholar, Wizard Lord B
Mate Senior sailor Explorer, Merchant, Navigator, Sea Captain C
Merchant Commercial boss Guild Master, Militiaman, Politician, Racketeer, Spy B
Minstrel Delicious travelling musician Cantor, Charlatan, Demagogue, Highwayman, Spy, Student C
Monk Reclusive religious student (Tome of Salvation, 183) Abbot, Cantor, Demagogue, Friar, Physician, Scholar, Steward, Zealot B
Navigator Expert at not getting lost Artisan, Astrologer, Explorer, Scholar, Sea Captain B
Noble Lord Rich kid with serious power Ambassador, Captain, Crusader, Knight, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Knight Panther, Scholar, Sea Captain, Templar A
Outlaw Chief Rural criminal boss Assassin, Captain, Crime Lord, Demagogue C
Physician Doctor and/or quack Astrologer, Friar, Guild Master, Monk, Scholar, Spy B
Pistolier Cowboy in shining armour Courtier, Duellist, Horse Master, Knight, Sergeant, Templar, Veteran B
Politician Community boss Cloaked Brother, Courtier, Crime Lord, Demagogue, Noble Lord, Racketeer, Steward B
Priest Average religious spellcaster (Cult specialisations: Tome of Salvation, chapter 2) Annointed Priest, Bear Tamer, Cantor, Catechist, Cult Attendant, Exorcist, Flagellant, Knight of the Blazing Sun (Myrmidian only), Scholar, Steward, Verenan Investigator (if Verenan), Warrior Priest B
Questing Knight
Racketeer Protection money extractor Fence, Master Thief, Politician, Outlaw Chief D
Runelord Dwarf magic-smith boss Captain, Guild Master A
Scholar University expert on stuff Abbot, Apprentice Wizard, Astrologer, Catechist, Explorer, Friar, Merchant, Monk, Physician, Steward, Verenan Investigator B
Scourge of God Flagellant boss (Tome of Salvation, 114) Champion, Initiate, Interrogator, Witch Hunter C
Scout Sneaky rural sorts Cloaked Brother, Horse Master, Outlaw Chief, Sergeant, Vampire Hunter, Ghost Strider C
Sea Captain Boat boss Explorer, Noble Lord, Scholar, Spy B
Sergeant Soldier boss Artillerist, Captain, Crusader, Duellist, Judicial Champion, Knight, Knight of the Blazing Sun, Knight Panther, Templar B
Soulflayer Senior Chaos spellcaster At least 2 Rewards Cataclyst B
Spy confidential Assassin, Cloaked Brother, Explorer, Master Thief, Racketeer, Verenan Investigator B
Steward Household manager for Nobles Crime Lord, Fence, Merchant, Noble B
Targeteer Expert bowman Assassin, Champion, Duellist, Sergeant C
Templar (Knight mod) Knight of specific god (Tome of Salvation, 208) Captain, Crusader, Initiate, Knight of the Inner Circle, Noble Lord, Vampire Hunter A
Vampire Hunter Teenage girl Demagogue, Initiate, Knight, Targeteer, Templar, Witch Hunter B
Verenan Investigator Religious sleuth (Sigmar’s Heirs, 124) Must follow Verena Initiate (Verena), Scholar, Spy, Witch Hunter B
Veteran Experienced soldier of any sort Ataman, Champion, Cloaked Brother, Crusader, Judicial Champion, Outlaw Chief, Sergeant, Targeteer C
Village Elder
Wall Warden
Warlock Skilled Witch (Realms of Sorcery 2, 131) Must have at least 2 Witchcraft spells Apprentice Wizard, Charlatan, Outlaw, Scribe, Vagabond C
Warrior Priest Religous spellcaster soldier (Tome of Salvation, ) No followers of Shallya High Priest, Knight, Templar, Witch Hunter B
Winged Lancer Kisvelite cavalry (Realm of the Ice Queen, 106) Gospodar Kislevites only Captain, Horse Master, Scout, Veteran B
Witch Unofficial, self-taught spellcaster (Realms of Sorcery 2, 131) Humans only, no College wizards Apprentice Wizard, Charlatan, Outlaw, Vagabond, Warlock D
Witch Hunter Trained by the Estalian Inquisition Captain, Champion, Cloaked Brother, Demagogue, Initiate, Knight of the Inner Circle, Knight Panther, Verenan Investigator B
Wizard Lord Arcane spellcaster boss Ambassador, Explorer, Guild Master A

Not included yet:
Norscan careers (Tome of Corruption, chapter 11)
Kurgan careers (Tome of Corruption, chapter 12)
Chaos Dwarf careers (Tome of Corruption, chapter 12)
Dark Elf careers (Tome of Corruption, chapter 12)
Bretonnian careers (Knights of the Grail)
Skaven careers (Children of the Horned Rat)

Career Guide

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