BögenhafenBögenhafen has a population of about 5,000, and sits at the highest point of the river Bögen which is navigable by large, river-going vessels. It acts as a local market centre; goods from Altdorf, Nuln and Marienburg come to Bögenhafen by river, and are traded for local wool and wine. Lead and silver, brought down from the mountains are trans-shipped here, for distribution to all parts of the Empire.

Bögenhafen officially falls under the domain of Graf Wilhelm von Saponatheim, but he prefers to remain on his own at Castle Grauenburg, further downstream, and has little to do with the running of the town. Instead, the town is run by a council of burghers, comprising representatives from several merchant houses, the official town Guilds and the church of Sigmar, on behalf of all the local churches. The former head of the council, Councillor Johannes Teugen, had also introduced a cult called the Ordo Septenarius to Bögenhafen, drawing in many of its leading citizens and influencing town affairs from behind the scenes. It remains unclear how the deaths of the Ordo inner circle affected the town.

The town is serviced by a fairly extensive sewer system, maintained by the Masons’ Guild. A few buildings in the town have unofficial access to the main sewer corridors through their basements. Known basement entrances lead up to the Crossed Pikes Inn and the former Steinhäger offices.

Banner of BögenhafenThe town hosts a large and famous livestock fair, the annual Schaffenfest. The event officially begins on Mitterfruhl and lasts for 3 days, and that’s when all the most important dignitaries will be present and young knights and nobles will flock to compete in the jousting contest. The great livestock auctions, mostly of sheep, also take place during those 3 days. However, merchants and entertainers (as well as less savoury itinerants) of all sorts start to set up shop on the festival grounds outside the town walls in dribs and drabs over several weeks before the official opening ceremony, and most of the month of Jahrdrung has a light festive atmosphere in Bögenhafen, reaching its peak on Mitterfruhl day.

Known businesses based in Bögenhafen include:


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