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  • Karl Teugen

    Formerly a councillor of [[Bögenhafen]] and head of the Teugen merchant house, Karl died in 2510, possibly of [[Purple Brain Fever]]. After this, his younger brother [[:johannes-teugen |Johannes]] took over the family business, assumed control of the town …

  • Captain Josef Quartjin

    An old friend and traveling companion of [[:erykah-valaziha | Erykah]]'s, Josef has been trading on the [[Empire|Empire's]] rivers for years. He captains a cargo barge, the [[:berebeli]]. As he was carrying a cargo to [[Bögenhafen]] at the time of the …

  • Ernst Heidlemann

    Ernst was first encountered at the [[Coach and Horses Inn]], on his way to study medicine in [[Altdorf]].

  • Gustav Fondleburger

    A large, friendly man, middle-aged, with a large moustache, Gustav runs a [[Coach and Horses Inn|coaching inn]] along the Altdorf-Middenheim road, not far from [[Delberz]].

  • Kastor Lieberung

    A man found dead with other victims of a coach ambush by mutants along the Altdorf-Middeheim road. He looked remarkably like Otter, but with a beard and far finer clothes. On his person were also [[Handout 2 | certain documents]], taken by Otter. His body …

  • Phillipe Descartes

    Phillipe is a traveller from [[Bretonnia]], encountered at the [[Coach and Horses Inn]]. Always eager for a drink or a game, he travelled together with the party to [[Altdorf]].

  • Adolphus Kuftsos

    Initially sighted in [[Altdorf]], first making contact with two men making strange signs, then later that night, killing them from the rooftops with a crossbow. Kuftsos followed the party to [[Weissbruck]], where he hired the local muscles, [[:bengt]], …

  • Graf Wilhelm von Saponatheim

    Graf Wilhelm resides at [[Castle Grauenburg]], from where he rules the Grafschaft of Saponatheim, which chiefly includes the town of [[Bögenhafen]]. As the party first approached [[Bögenhafen]] up the [[Bögen River | Bögen]], they called in at Castle …

  • Councillor Franz Steinhäger

    A wealthy merchant and statesman in [[Bögenhafen]]. In trying to investigate a shrine hidden below his offices, the party broke into the office, robbed it and burned it down. The shrine and [[Handout 5 | documents]] found in his office were the first …

  • Councillor Friedrich Magirius

    Friedrich Magirius was a moderately successful merchant on the town council in [[Bögenhafen]], and a member of the inner circle of the [[Ordo Septenarius]]. The party abducted him during the 2512 Schaffenfest, to interrogate him about the cult, and he …

  • Councillor Johannes Teugen

    A wealthy, powerful merchant and statesman from [[Bögenhafen]], who headed the town council. The party met with him in his office in the town hall, where he complained of a headache and aversion to light. He reportedly returned from university studies …

  • Gottri Gurnison

    A young dwarf with a serious drinking problem, found (apparently quite frequently) in the fairground stocks outside [[Bögenhafen]]. He was later found dead in the sewers under the city, with his heart cut out.

  • Captain Reiner Goertrin

    Captain of the town watch in [[Bögenhafen]]. He arrested Otter (as Kastor) when the party was framed for the murder of [[:friedrich-magirius |Magirius]].

  • Gunnar Kutscher

    A coach driver for the Ratchett Lines company of [[Altdorf]]. He drove the coach that took the party from the [[Coach and Horses Inn]] to Altdorf.

  • Janna Dienerin

    The nervous servant accompanying [[:isolde-von-strudeldorf | Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf]] on the road to [[Altdorf]].

  • Marie Leibwacher

    Toweringly tall and personal bodyguard to [[:isolde-von-strudeldorf]], Marie was killed by [[Mutants | Chaos mutants]] on the road from the [[Coach and Horses Inn]] to [[Altdorf]], while trying to help the party clear away the ambush.

  • Rolf Hurtsis

    A thief from [[Delberz]], known to both Otter and Berthold, Hurtsis became very unsuccessful in 2511, when a terrible skin condition made it hard for him to go unnoticed. Eventually he went missing from the town completely. He was next sighted working …

  • Max Ernst

    A professional bully, employed by bored and drunken young noblemen of [[Altdorf]], looking for fights. The party encountered him in exactly this manner, the evening that one of these nobles was killed.

  • Bengt

    A dockworker from [[Weissbruck]], hired by [[:adolphus-kuftsos]] to attack the party aboard the [[:berebeli]]. He fled the town when this failed, along with [[:gurt]] and [[:willie]].

  • Gurt

    A dockworker from [[Weissbruck]], hired by [[:adolphus-kuftsos]] to attack the party aboard the [[:berebeli]]. He fled the town when this failed, along with Bengt and Willie.

  • Willie

    A dockworker from [[Weissbruck]], hired by [[:adolphus-kuftsos]] to attack the party aboard the [[:berebeli]]. He fled the town when this failed, along with [[:bengt]] and [[:gurt]].

  • Elvyra Kleinestun

    A [[Halflings | Halfling]] herbalist and merchant, encountered by the party at the [[Bögenhafen | Bögenhafen Schaffenfest]]. She seemed to be one of the few selling working potions, including a beard-growth ointment used by [[:erykah-valaziha | Erykah]]. …

  • "Crusher" Braugen

    Fighting challengers in [[:klaus-shattiger | Schattiger's]] muddy wrestling ring at the [[Bögenhafen]] Schaffenfest, Crusher easily trounced Otter (as Kastor) on his first attempt at a challenge. The next day, [[:erykah-valaziha | Erykah]] challenged him …

  • Klaus Schattiger

    Schattiger ran the competitive wrestling ring, and the associated gambling, at the [[Bögenhafen | Bögenhafen Schaffenfest]], with [[:crusher-braugen | "Crusher" Braugen]] as his main champion.

  • Dieter Barl, Esquire

    Barl was one of the senior partners of [[Lock, Stöck and Barl]], based in [[Bögenhafen]]. He easily recognised that the [[Handout 4 | inheritance letter]] found on [[:kastor-lieberung]] was a fraud, and advised the party to avoid involving themselves in …

  • Doctor Malthusius

    Doctor Malthusius brought his Zoocopeia to [[Bögenhafen | Bögenhafen's]] Schaffenfest, which chiefly featured a [[Goblins | three-legged goblin]], which was able to escape into the town sewers. He offered to pay the party to retrieve it for him, and was …

  • Fran Baumann

    Briefly encountered kicking the party out of the cellar of the [[Crossed Pikes Inn]], the party later returned to Baumann to ask for her help in investigating the strange goings on in [[Bögenhafen]]. She was willing to trade information and some …

  • Ulthar Ünstabbal

    A disturbed and unsociable citizen of [[Bögenhafen]], dressed in muck and rags, Ulthar "the Unstable" was frequently seen yelling warnings about evil and [[Chaos]], often at nobody in particular. Some investigation revealed that he had formerly been a …

  • Father Mori Stonelifter

    The head priest of [[Sigmar]] in the town temple of [[Bögenhafen]], Father Mori had spoken with the party on several occasions, and even invited [[:erykah-valaziha | Erykah]] and Eldideth to done with him. He died when Erykah attempted to use this …

  • Gideon

    Reportedly the cousin of the [[Bögenhafen]] Teugens, and deputy leader of the [[Ordo Septenarius]], Gideon initially appeared to the party as a younger version of [[:johannes-teugen | Johannes Teugen]]. But when the party tried to foil the Ordo's ultimate …

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