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  • Elves

    !(media-item-align-right)http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/55850/archmage.jpg(High Elf Archmage)!The Elves are one of the many creations of the Old Ones. Compared to [[Humans]], Elves are tall, fair, and slender. They are almost physically flawless and …

  • Elf Lands

    * [[Forests of the Old World]], home to both reclusive elves and nasty beasts * [[Ulthuan]], bright island of isolationist elves * [[Naggaroth]], cruel land of the Dark Elves, beyond Ulthuan

  • Naggaroth

    Naggaroth (meaning "Land of Chill") is the region to the far north of the New World. It is the realm of the [[Elves | Dark Elves]]. "Naggaroth" sometimes also refers by extension to the entire continent. The region was settled by the Dark Elves …

  • Ulthuan

    Ulthuan is the homeland of the [[Elves|High Elves]]. It is a continent located in middle of the Great Ocean, west of the Old World and east of [[Naggaroth]]. The nation comprises ten realms, each ruled by various princes and all princes owe allegiance to …

  • Forests of the Old World

    A substantial area of the Old World is covered by forests. Forests possess economic importance. They aren't farmland, and this results in lower taxes and populations. Increasing populations will fell trees, slowly reducing and pushing the forests back. …

  • Laurelorn Forest

    Located between the [[Wasteland]] on the west, separated by the Great North Road from the [[Forest of Shadows]] to the east and the [[Drakwald]] Forest to the south. Rumoured to hold some isolated [[Elves|Wood Elf]] villages.

  • Forest of Shadows

    Covering most of [[Ostland]], the Forest of Shadows is located east of the Great North Road and north of the [[Middle Mountains]].

  • Drakwald

    Covering most of [[Middenland]], the Drakwald Forest is located south of the Great North Road; infamous for the high number of local [[Beastmen]].

  • Great Forest

    Covering [[Talabecland]] and a large part of [[Ostermark]], the Great Forest is located between the [[Middle Mountains]], [[Nuln]] and [[Altdorf]].

  • Reikwald

    Located on the eastern bank of the Reik and south of [[Altdorf]]; infamous for the high number of local bandits who prey upon the travellers of the local road.

  • Forest of Loren

    The Forest of Loren, or Athel Loren as it is commonly known, is technically a part of the kingdom of [[Bretonnia]], but in fact hides the kingdom of the [[Elves|Wood Elves]]. To the north and north-east the forest is bordered by the [[Grey Mountains]] and …

  • Gods of Elves

    All the nations of the [[Elves]] worship and believe in many gods, which are believed to represent both the positive and also the negative aspects of the world. The differences between the three Elf nations are reflected in their worship of the gods. …

  • Khaine

    Khaela Mensha Khaine is a god of warfare and murder, mainly [[Gods of Elves|worshipped by the Dark Elves]]. High Elves venerate Khaine as their war god, and though they respect his power they are also mindful that the sword of Khaine cuts both ways. It …

  • Kurnous

    Kurnous is the [[Gods of Elves|Elven God]] of the Hunt and Lord of Beasts, he is the spirit of untouched wilderness. Although he is said to have the ability to take the form of any forest creature at will, he is normally portrayed as a figure over ten …

  • Moraig-Heg

    Morai-Heg is an [[Gods of Elves|Elven goddess]] known as the Keeper of Souls or the Crone. She is said to hold a parch made of skin within which the fates of mortals are kept. She has the ability to read the future in the passage of the stars, and when …

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