Sham's Superior The Enemy Within

Chapter 7: Among Shadows

Also, adjacent to big, scary demons

Session 7
Attended: Damon, Illana, Katrina & Nikare
Venue: Damon & Illana’s

Covers events on 2 Pflugzeit.

Audio log

Players’ Record
=Players insert any logs, memories, reminders, and other thoughts here=

GM’s Summary:
While the rest of the party gather to spy on the workers unloading cult paraphernalia at Warehouse 13, Otter escapes from jail and arrives at the same warehouse in time to see the members of the Inner Circle arriving for their ritual. They bring a sacrificial victim with them, in the form of Josef Quartjin.
Otter (as Kastor) returns to the Crossed Pikes Inn to encourage the people there to help overthrow the Ordo, and raises a rabble.
Realising they have little time left to thwart the ritual, the party attacks. Tabseras sets fire to Johannes Teugen, to keep him from reading from an ancient scroll. Gideon reveals himself to be a Chaos Daemon and locks into battle with Erykah.
Ultimately, Erykah kills Gideon, and the Crossed Pikes mob (and Tod) descends with fury on the surviving cult leaders and their guards, killing them all.
The cultists’ are searched, and a letter to Teugen is taken by the party. Then the warehouse and the bodies are set alight.
Josef and the party slip onto the Berebeli and sail into the night, leaving the mob to take advantage of the now-leaderless town.


Spatula Spatula

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