Sham's Superior The Enemy Within

Chapter 5: Disreputable Raiders

Nope, can't justify much anymore

Session 5
Attended: Damon, Illana, Katrina & Nikare
Venue: Damon & Illana’s

Covers events on 1 Pflugzeit.

Audio log

Players’ Record
=Players insert any logs, memories, reminders, and other thoughts here=

GM’s Summary:
Checking of some of the temples and the graveyard. Erykah gets invited to dinner with priest of Sigmar.
Madness of Ulthar Ünstabbal.
Stevedore’s guild denies association with previous night’s thugs.
Party has official meeting with Councillor Johannes Teugen.
Party meets with owner of the Crossed Pikes Inn, trying to find unofficial means of getting information.
Digging up of Karl Teugen’s grave confirms he is dead.
Dinner with priests ends when Erykah mis-doses Father Mori, the priest of Sigmar, stabbing him and killing him. In the chaos, Erykah and Eldideth sneak into Teugen’s garden next door, but are discovered and ends in a fight with guards. These are killed, but town watchmen arrive and chase the intruders off.
Party wakes up to learn that they are wanted for various crimes.


Spatula Spatula

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