Sham's Superior The Enemy Within

Chapter 1: The Coach & Horses

A Rapidly Transforming Job Market

Session 1
Attended: Damon, Illana & Jamie
Venue: Damon & Illana’s

Covers events on 24 to 27 Jahrdrung.

Audio log

Players’ Record
=Players insert any logs, memories, reminders, and other thoughts here=

GM’s Summary:
Departure from Delberz.
Overnight at the Coach and Horses Inn.
Coach trip interrupted by mutant ambushers.
Overnight at the Seven Spokes Inn.
Arrival at Altdorf.
Strange interaction with hand signs.
Meeting Josef Quartjin.
Fight in the Boatman Inn.
Rejection by von Tassenick’s guards.
Deaths of hand-signers in the streets.
Departure from Altdorf.


Never arm wrestle with a dwarf!

Chapter 1: The Coach & Horses
Spatula Spatula

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