Every large city, most towns and a few wealthier or better organised villages will have dedicated watchmen to protect the community from outside attack and to police against crime and disorder. A few smaller communities may instead rely on ad hoc volunteer militias, responding to trouble only as it arises, rather than actively trying to prevent it.

Those with enough money, notably the nobles, the churches and the wealthy merchants, may also hire their own private guards, often dressed ornately to reflect their masters’ power. Temples may also be guarded by knightly templars, who are there out of religious duty, not for pay. Thieves’ Guilds will often have their own armed enforcers, to protect their holdings and to coerce those the guild has a problem with, but naturally these guards are seldom uniformed or too easy to identify.

City and town watches will normally rely on Roadwardens to pursue anyone more than a day away from their jurisdiction, and similarly the Roadwardens are normally required to leave urban investigations to the Watch when they arrive in town.

The Altdorf City Watch is an especially large force, almost a small army. One of its patrols came across the party, shortly after Adolphus Kuftsos had quietly killed a pair of mysterious strangers following the party. The watchmen initially accepted this story, recording all details the party could give them. But when this patrol compared notes with others who were investigating the death of one of the young noblemen who had employed the protagonist Max Ernst, it was realised that they were involved in two mysterious murder incidents. The next morning, a wanted poster featuring the party’s faces was circulated around the city and sent to neighbouring villages via the Roadwardens.

The party had several run-ins with Bögenhafen town watch, mostly connected with the Ordo Septenarius influence over the town authorities. This watch is headed by Captain Reiner Goertrin, who personally arrested Otter for the murder of Councillor Friedrich Magirius. The town has two watch barracks, the main one near the southern town wall, and a secondary barracks in the rougher northern part of town, nicknamed Fort Blackfire.


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