Ordo Septenarius

The Ordo Septenarius was a private club of powerful merchants in Bögenhafen, intent on using sorcery to bring themselves great wealth. They were led by Councillor Johannes Teugen and his alleged younger cousin, Gideon. Under them was an inner circle, including Councillor Franz Steinhäger and Councillor Friedrich Magirius. Magirius was abducted by the party, and warned that his cult was in fact a Chaos cult; Magirius indicated that most cult members believed they were simply using magic for innocent profit.

They initially had a shrine in a room off the town sewers, beneath Steinhäger’s offices, but this was accidentally discovered and wrecked by the party, before being cleared out by the Ordo. The party made several more bumbling efforts at disrupting the Ordo’s plans, before Magirius gave them more useful information to work with, chiefly that the Ordo’s ultimate ritual would be held in Warehouse 13 on the last night of the Schaffenfest. With the help of the patrons of the Crossed Pikes Inn, the ritual was foiled. Investigating the cult’s remains there revealed that Gideon had actually been a Daemon, and that while the scroll with the ritual for the cult’s ultimate success was worded to look like it would bring them profit, it was actually concealing a deeper call to Tzeentch to open a Chaos gate inside the town, from which whole armies could emerge, right inside the heartland of the Empire.
Ordo Septenarius
The Ordo’s symbol, displayed on robes, medallions and letterheads, was of a goat’s head inside of a pentagram.

Documents relating to the Ordo Septenarius include:

Known Members
Councillor Johannes Teugen, “leader” deceased
Gideon, “deputy” banished
Councillor Franz Steinhäger, inner circle deceased
Councillor Friedrich Magirius, inner circle deceased
Jochen Haagen, inner circle deceased
Heironymus Ruggbroder, inner circle deceased
Gesellschaft of the Merchants’ Guild, inner circle deceased
Doctor Arzt of the Physicians’ Guild, inner circle deceased
Wendt of the Stevedores’ Guild, inner circle deceased
Dieter Barl, Esquire, inner circle (replaced Magirius) deceased
Several other prominent town leaders uncertain

Ordo Septenarius

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