Ruler: Graf Boris Todbringer
Census Population: 15,000

Middenheim uniform coloursMiddenheim is second only to Altdorf in importance (and size) in the Empire. The City of the White Wolf, as it is also known, located in the center of Middenland, is the capital of magical knowledge in the Old World and possesses the finest guilds of magical lore. Middenheim is also the capital of the Cult of Ulric just as Altdorf is the capital of the Cult of Sigmar.

Middenheim is sited upon a great plateau of rock called the Fauschlag or ‘Fist Strike’ which, as legend has it, Ulric himself fashioned. It is said that his brother, Taal, gave the rock to him as a gift and Ulric foresaw that a great fortress city would grow on its plateau. And he was right. It was Artur, the great chief of the mighty Teutognens, who brought his tribe to the pinnacle and founded the city.

Middenheim cheapMiddenheim city-state is governed by Content Not Found: boris-todbringer, though it is the three Law Lords who carry out most of the laws. The Todbringer dynasty has governed Middenheim for centuries and is regarded as fair and just (the family are distant relatives of the von Bilthofens, and one of them, Gunthar von Bilthofen, was the brother of Emperor Magnus the Pious). In fact Middenheim is quite a liberal place for an Imperial city. The Todbringers have for many years tried to listen to the people when making and enforcing laws and have even developed a semi-democratic rule. Graf Boris and his family maintain close ties with Kislev.

Four mighty viaducts lead up to the city’s main gates, giving pedestrians and wagons an easier climb than the Fauschlag’s sheer cliffs. The city has extensive sewers, some of which ultimately lead out of (or into, for those willing to climb a little) the city, to the wilderness below. Traditionally, these tunnels are guarded by Dwarves.


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