Typical, awesome lookin' dwarfThe Dwarves are an ancient and proud race. In the distant past they ruled a great empire spanning the whole range of the mighty World’s Edge Mountains. Their empire fell to the invasions of Orcs, Goblins, Skaven and other malign races, and today what has remained of their once-interconnected fortress cities have become isolated and scattered, and the Dwarves themselves vastly reduced. Ever since these invasions, the Dwarf civilization has remained threatened by total destruction as they fight a bitter never-ending war against these same enemies.

Many Dwarves can now be found living in the cities of men. The Dwarves who continue to live in the ancient Dwarf cities are known as Imperial Dwarves, and comprise a deeply secretive, insular, chauvinistic kindred of the Dwarf race, and are the most feared and powerful of all Dwarf warriors.

As well as defending their own besieged realm, Dwarves have often given their support to other races against common enemies. Their closest ally is the Empire.

The Dwarves are masters of the forge and of metal working, where they make use of many minerals and metals including their famed Gromril. Dwarf steam and gunpowder technology are especially advanced.


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