Ruler: Emperor Karl-Franz I
Census Population: 15,000

Altdorf, by cilindr0-d511mlo

Imperial Palace, AltdorfCapital of the Empire, Altdorf is by far its largest city. Home to the Emperor in his twin roles as ruler of the Empire and Elector Count of the Reikland, Altdorf is one of the most important cities in the Old World.

Diplomats come from all the known lands to conduct negotiations here, whilst nobles and wealthy commoners send their children here to be educated and find a suitable spouse. Along with the famed University of Altdorf, the capital is also home to the Orders of Magic, which teach the various specialities of Imperial Wizardry. Situated at he confluence of the Reik and Talabec rivers, Altdorf is one of the commercial centers of the Empire, and its counting houses and merchants have grown wealthy because of all the trade that must pass through their port.

Altdorf uniform coloursAltdorf has its darker side, too, behind the glitter of the Imperial Palace and the majesty of the Cathedral of Sigmar. Grinding poverty exists along the waterfront and other areas, where workers and beggars scratch out a bare living as their work makes fat merchants and corrupt government officials wealthy. Many trapped here and in other poor areas seek release in drugs and alcohol. In the fortress palace of the witch hunters, suspected worshippers of Chaos and their victims alike are tortured for what they can reveal; too often, the black nets of the Order catch the innocent, too. Along the Street of a Thousand Taverns, behind the festive lanterns and inviting smells, conspirators and cultists – not all of them Human – plot and scheme crimes ranging from the banal to the grandiose. For the new arrival, Altdorf is a city of opportunity and danger.


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