Sham's Superior The Enemy Within

Chapter 9: Shoving Off

Like salmon, upstream

Session 9
Attended: Damon, Illana, Jamie, Katrina & Nikare
Venue: Damon & Illana’s

Covers events on 3-6 Pflugzeit.

Audio log

Players’ Record
=Players insert any logs, memories, reminders, and other thoughts here=

GM’s Summary:
Depart Weissbruck down the canal.
Attacked by Goblins.
Boarded by customs inspections.
Visit Altdorf, followed by cultists.
Sail up to Castle Reikguard, receive news of the new Imperial decree.
Sail up to Signal Tower 1.
Sail up to Signal Tower 2.
Visit Kemperbad, confronted by angry cultist.


Spatula Spatula

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