Graf Wilhelm von Saponatheim

Noble from Reikland


Graf Wilhelm resides at Castle Grauenburg, from where he rules the Grafschaft of Saponatheim, which chiefly includes the town of Bögenhafen.

As the party first approached Bögenhafen up the Bögen, they called in at Castle Grauenburg, where Otter used the cover of his Kastor Lieberung identity (and a premature claiming of his inherited title) to request hospitality, as a fellow noble.

A few days later, while the party investigated the Ordo Septenarius, the Graf arrived in Bögenhafen to enjoy the Schaffenfest. The Duke of Middenland and his entourage travelled with him, staying at the Golden Trout Inn. When the party warned Wilhelm’s manservant, Dieter, about Chaos in the town, it appeared that the Graf’s reaction was to pile all the nobles on his barge and sail away into the night, presumably back to Grauenburg.

Graf Wilhelm von Saponatheim

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