Captain Josef Quartjin

Old Boatsman


An old friend and traveling companion of Erykah‘s, Josef has been trading on the Empire’s rivers for years. He captains a cargo barge, the Berebeli. As he was carrying a cargo to Bögenhafen at the time of the 2512 Schaffenfest, and knew that the party needed to travel there, he hired on Erykah and Berthold as extra hands. Otter, to keep up appearances as Kastor Lieberung, prefered to pay for his passage in cash.

In Weissbruck, the Berebeli was attacked by Adolphus Kuftsos, and Josef assisted in fending him off. However, Josef’s greater concern was with putting out the fires spreading on his barge.

Once in Bögenhafen, Josef mainly spent his days drinking on the Berebeli, waiting for the local stevedores guild to offload his delivery and then reload the downstream cargo he had organised. The party came to him several times during this period, in increasing distress as the Ordo Septenarius put increasing pressure on them. Josef became increasingly concerned that this would spill over onto him somehow. He was proven right, when the Ordo kidnapped him to use as their human sacrifice. Luckily, the party saved him.

Captain Josef Quartjin

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