Councillor Johannes Teugen

Head of the Bögenhafen Merchants' Guild


A wealthy, powerful merchant and statesman from Bögenhafen, who headed the town council. The party met with him in his office in the town hall, where he complained of a headache and aversion to light. He reportedly returned from university studies abroad to take over the family business in 2510, when his older brother, Karl, died of illness. Examination of a letter after his death seemed to indicate that he probably began learning about Chaos magic during his years away studying.

The party were deeply suspicious of him, and tried to probe him in various ways, mostly unsuccessfully, until Friedrich Magirius was able to confirm for them directly that Teugen headed the Ordo Septenarius. He was killed while trying to complete the Ordo’s ultimate ritual in Warehouse 13, when Tabseras Youngstar set fire to his cult robes.

Councillor Johannes Teugen

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