Dieter Barl, Esquire



Barl was one of the senior partners of Lock, Stöck and Barl, based in Bögenhafen. He easily recognised that the inheritance letter found on Kastor Lieberung was a fraud, and advised the party to avoid involving themselves in any further deceptions. He then accepted a basic monthly retainer from Otter (still posing as Kastor). When Otter was framed for the murder of Friedrich Magirius, Barl came to represent him in jail. But instead of trying to get his client out, Barl revealed that he was a member of Ordo Septenarius, and convinced the watch that “Kastor” had submitted a written confession to him.

Following the death of Magirius, Barl was evidently promoted to the cult’s inner circle, as he was present at Warehouse 13 for the ultimate ritual. He died there when he lost a melee with Berthold.

Dieter Barl, Esquire

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