Sham's Superior The Enemy Within

Chapter 4: Reputable Investigators

Some of this could still be justified

Session 4
Attended: Damon, Illana, Katrina & Nikare
Venue: Damon & Illana’s

Covers events on 33 Jahrdrung and Mitterfruhl Day.

Audio log

Players’ Record
=Players insert any logs, memories, reminders, and other thoughts here=

GM’s Summary:
Attempt to get into Steinhäger’s office at night, leads to break-in, murder, robbery, and arson. Evidence the three-legged goblin was at least very badly injured here.
Check at warehouse 17 confirms that night guard claims to have killed the three-legged goblin, but there is no other evidence there.
Senior nobility arrives in town.
Delivery of evidence so far to Lock, Stöck and Barl.
Sharing of loot from Steinhäger’s office with Josef.
Otter (as Kastor) attempts to warn von Saponatheim about unspecific danger in town.
Party threatened by town thugs.


Spatula Spatula

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